Here we are on a bridge heading up to the community at very peak of the “goddess of evil mountain”. Soon we were in the clouds. No missionaries had been there before. There was so much spiritual darkness, ignorance and sickness. See more

A Short Story About Us

From 1975 we have been challenged to have a sincere love for Christ and a passion about serving Him in the thing that He has commanded us – ‚ÄčTo Go Preach – We haven’t simply added Him to our lives. We have totally surrendered our lives to Him..

He shewed unto them his hands and his side…
Then said Jesus to them as my Father hath sent me,
even so send I you John 20:20,

Our commitment is to go where ever, do whatever, whenever He shows us. Is it easy? No! there is a cost, Christ said foxes have holes the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has no where to lay His head.. Can we even imagine the Lord of all glory “roughing it” and why should we be any different. It’s true that there are times when we have the painful task of again saying goodbye to friends, family & fireside. But, its equally true that we have many, many times found joy unspeakable as we have enjoyed the privilege of seeing whole villages turn their lives over to Christ, turn from the power of darkness to the Kingdom of light.

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