UK and Abroad


Here we outreach the disenfranchised at every possible level of society; the young, the aged, the immigrant. In reality, anyone that would like to learn the good news about Christ. As with all other locations, we recruit, train, support and send forth workers to their chosen venues.


We have been in Philippines since 2011, both north and south. Now are teams are mainly in the Muslim regions in Mindanao, where we carry out mountain, forest outreach to reach the indigenous tribes with the gospel. Our teams here are mostly made up with converts from these outreaches


Our first outreach to China was in 2005, so much has changed since then, the bamboo curtian has certainly taken a dent. Though caution is still required, we now reach far inland to regions that have never seen foreigners before, and they listen gladly to the gospel.


Cambodia contains to spontaneously erupt to the preaching of the gospel. Not so much in the cities but certainly in the countryside. Caution must be exercised as groups of over five people are not permitted. Nevertheless, the gospel spreads at speed.


We began in Ghana in 1992 and set up housing, transport and resources to continue the rapid spread of the gospel there. We have been in the South Africa townships since 2011. Not everyone’s choice venue, but the eternal reward is surely worth it. Those who have nothing but poverty and distress readily listen to Christ’s gospel.


Currently based in Turks & Caicos as central to all islands our base and work there continues since 2007. Many immigrants & others, Haitian, Philippines, St Lucian’s, German, American, British are responding to the gospel and then after discipline carrying the message back to their own communities.